To be concerned or to not be concerned?


I see other teens like me doing great things in Church and for God but I’m not doing half as much, not as interested and I feel like the bad sheep. What do I do?


Hey, the fact that You are concerned about it means you do care. But do not start for the wrong reasons. I will suggest you bask in God’s love for you. When you realize that God loves you more than you will ever love him and he is more interested in giving u than receiving from you, you joining the workforce will not be such a big deal.
Look at it this way, a mother is willing to lay down her life for her baby. A child that realises that will do anything to make his/her mother smile. But without the child’s effort, the mother will still love the child. How much more God.


For one, it would have been nice if you have given a lot more detail.

What to do about your lack of interest? Or doing something?

But let’s address this generally.

Our love for God isn’t a factor of what we do for Him, but when we love God we do things for Him.

That said, different people find different things that interest them.

Is it possible that there doesn’t seem to be a platform of what interest you? Can you start something of interest to you for God?

Have you tried being a part of this activity, interest or not? What stemmed from it?

As much as interest is a good thing, interest isn’t the decider for carrying out a task in service to God.

I’ll advise, get off the sidelines and get involved. While on the ‘job’, you just might find what works for you.

I hope this helps.