Relationship pressure


I’m being pressured to go into a relationship in other to feel among even though I feel I’m not ready yet, how do I say no?


Hello dearest, I’d like you to know that you can do anything if you put your mind to it. I mean anything! Including not being pressured by your peers to do what you do not want to do which is in this case, going into a relationship in order to feel among.
If you are not ready yet, simply say NO and forge ahead. Between, friends who would pressurise you into doing things you are not ready for especially negative things are not your friends. I’ll advise you give them space and gradually cut them off.
God really does make everything beautiful in its time and giving you a partner who your visions, dreams and purpose will align with in the right time is no big deal for him. Right now, focus on your purpose and personality. Know yourself and know God more intimately!! Don’t box yourself in! The wait is powerful. The wait is worth it. The wait will bless you. Focus during the wait. keep God first in everything you do and He’ll take you further than you can ever imagine. Please, I beg of you. Follow your heart and do the right thing. Many thanks


The major weapon to facing pressures is by having self confidence. Integrity and Dignity at its peak. The point isn’t just about saying no. It’s about withstanding the pressure . I say this because most teenagers find themselves saying no, but still giving to such pressures. Therefore, confidence must be built.