Managing my thoughts


I try really hard but negative remarks are louder than any positive thought in my mind, what do I do?


I won’t want to give an advice I don’t use. I could readily say study the Bible but my escape route has and is music.
Like when I am down because of a financial need I can’t meet and all that runs through my mind is can u ever get out of this pit of lack and insufficiency God Provides by Tamela Mann fills my mouth I sing it over again and a scripture flows through my heart in Matthew 6:25"take no thought about your life, what to eat or drink…" and I become encouraged. That’s how I manage my thoughts music.


I believe its normal…
In life negative things are always known to b loud
But d positive things are seen as normal things
When a man adds 2+2=4 4+4=8 nd then says 8+8=19 We forget about the past positive things he got nd shout about the one he just failed so also our minds deals with us When it comes to negative things
But I recommend the word
There’s nothing to hard to complicated to stressful that the word cannot bring to a meltdown
Because Jesus is the word…
Nd Also music…it heals the soul mind nd spirit…
N u shud also help yourself as the Holy Spirit also helps u…
Thank u


CONFESSIONS! The power of right confessions cannot be undermined. When you have or hear one negative thought or comment, counter with three times as much positive. Don’t just think it in your mind, say it with your mouth! You failed a test and you feel like a failure, counter it, remind yourself, it’s just a test, you’re not a failure, you’re way more than that. Remind yourself even of the things you already know