Honoring parents


“Honor your father and mother.” This is the first commandment with a promise"

this is one verse parents tend to use against their children when they want something their way and fail to see from their children’s perspective. What exactly does honour mean especially in relation to our parents?


Finally I get to reply. You know the truth there is… That’s the only commandment with a promise.

To parents… They feel they know better than us in all ramifications(which isn’t false though) and expect us to go their way everytime.

To the child… He or she knows that his parent is their to “guide” him but despite this wants to still “explore” some parts of life so he can also have experiences. He wants to know what Life is and not what he has heard.

Balance… Parents should learn to communicate their stand and fears concerning a situation. For instance… “If you ask me, I’ll tell you not to go out tomorrow because of the period we’re in”. This way the child knows, okay… They don’t want me to go out simply because of “so and so”. That way, even when the parents arent around the child doesn’t disobey still

Honouring ones parents is choosing them to be your god… No disrespect, Referencing them like the ones that were born to guide you and at instances when you don’t want to go their way… Not shouting or slamming the door against them but rather speaking to them about it.