Friendship lessons


what has friendship taught you?


To be comfortable in my skin.


First of all, the word “friendship” or let me just say “friend” has been misconstrued by many of us and that’s why we may have in one way or the other be disappointed by the people we tagged friends, friendship makes or mar you… So friendship has taught me that, everyone is first of all selfish and not to be completely trusted, secondly, don’t judge a new friend based on your perception of an old friend, that is, because you’ve been hurt by a friend before, you think everyone is the same, give that benefit of a doubt to this new friend…and finally, I want to pick a point from jonah chapter 1, from there we can see that we all have a “ship” which can be friendship, relationship, partnership, etc and whoever is in our ship can either bring us storm or peace, so we should be mindful of the life destination of our friends… Because they might be heading in a wrong direction, so that we don’t pay for our friends’ wrongdoings… God bless us.


It has taught me that there are people who really care and there are unfriendly friends but generally it has taught me that I am my best fan.


Friendship has taught me the way of life… It has motivate me to never give up… Friendship is just a challenge we need to face in life whether good or bad… When you fall into the victims of bad friends its a challenged you need to conquered in life let it motivate you in the body of Christ. Judas was also one of Jesus friends but he betrayed Jesus but that doesn’t stop Jesus from achieving his purpose in life… With this few points of mine I would love to tell you friendship is a challenge that motivates you… We need to face the challenge and soar higher in the body of Christ


Friendship has taught me life is meant to be shared with others, friendship has also taught me I’m not to be overly dependent on others as they’re humans just like me


It taught me that am the only friend I need