Forgive and forget


Is it possible to totally forget the incidence after you have forgiven?


I think forgiveness is of the heart. It does not mean you forget the incident or the person. It only reflects your reaction to that memory.

Forgiveness is choosing to love rather than being angry or hateful when you see the person who hurt you or you remember what the person did.

Hard as it may be, this is what is expected of us.


This says it all, no more no less…


I believe forgetting isn’t about complete dismissal from one’s memory, it’s forgetting in terms of relation to the person involved. Forgiving completely and not judging or blaming the person for the past fault


However hard or impossible it might seem, it is very possible to forgive and forget a wrong. For me, two things help me deal with the hurt and forgetting about it.

  1. The fear of God… I keep thinking is this how to live a Christ like life? What if the trumpet sounds this minute? Where would I find myself? Is this worth going to hell for?
  2. Mindset…the mind is a veeeeery powerful tool/asset. As long as I set my mind to something, consider it done. To forget a wrong done to me, all I need do is have a pep talk with myself to forget it and it works like magic. I mean you could ask me about details of the wrong and I won’t remember half of the details or any detail at all. Keeping grudges or record of wrongs done to you is like letting someone live rent free in your head/mind. My mind is too precious for that. I’d rather allow productive thoughts live rent free in my head. These methods help me keep things in perspective and forget wrongs. Sometimes, it’s easy and other times it’s a very hard thing to do but thank God for His grace and love. It makes all the difference.