Fighting temptation


When is the right time to deal with temptation?


The moment it flashes as a thought in your mind… Fight it… Don’t let it linger in your mind… Cos if the thoughts are nurtured the harder it will be to fight it.


Fighting temptation
Am not sure there’s any right time to deal with it the best thing is not to fall into temptation
I remember when I was a child and that thought came to steal my mom’s money and go buy one small toy car my mind told me the kind of beating I would receive if I tried it
I just had to stop thinking about toy car


There is no better time to deal with temptations than now. Waiting for a supposed “right time” is waiting for not time at all. If we are to deal with temptations, it has to be now. Except we are not ready to deal with them.


:rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:. The fear of mum’s cane is the beginning of sense.


There isn’t a specific time for temptation, temptation can come without you thinking about anything, Matthew 4:1 says another thing that’s so key here saying Then Jesus was led up in the Spirit into the wilderness to be tempted of the Devil, from here, we can see that temptation is a test, have you ever noticed that temptation comes mostly when you feel you’ve achieved a level spiritual, for example, after you’ve fasted for sometime, after you came out of a place of prayer and you feel fulfilled, this is what Matthew 4 was trying to say to us… The main thing is identifying the temptations because it most times don’t come as one… God bless


Truly… The best time to control temptation is the very moment it is felt…
Else, it’ll grow…


There’s no right time to deal with temptation. Deal with it the moment it arises, speak against it, avoid compromising situation and just as the Bible says, FLEE ANY appearance of evil


Well i think the moment u think of it or it even flashes in ur mind. Looking at the person of Jesus Christ we see that when He was tempted immediately He responded with His Word. He didnt allow the devil land or even wait to process the thought. He shut it off immediately. The way the mind works is quite funny.
Firstly it conceives the idea
Makes you rethink and process it
Then set up strategies
And finally the execution.
So if u dont shut it off in the first instance it continues until it devours u completely. I remember once when i almost had a terrible experience with someone but thank God I was able to Hold back. I had already thought of things in my mind. So execute the thought , u execute the act.


Fighting Temptations… If you don’t do it now, who will… Your enemies or lust is acting at the present and you want to postpone your retaliation till further notice… Eskismisa… Eskismima… You are living in OYO, Ogbomoso to be precise. Lol. But the long and short of it is that you fight it there and then…

Scripts says feel every appearance of evil, meaning when you see anything that looks like evil, you don’t wait for it to fully manifest, you remove your Gucci shoe and Jimmy choo heels and don’t bother to call uber or taxify, but you PICK RACE…

When you allow it linger, you fall into its trap… When You walk close to a pit for too long, you actually fall into it…



There is no specific time to fight temptation… And there is also a specific time to deal with temptation… The moment you surrender yourself to God temptation comes in… Have ever thought of this that why is it that the moment a christian gave his life to Christ temptation comes in… Because temptation is a test to see how strong you are with the word of God… So the specific time to deal with temptation is when u give your life to Christ and with the help of the holy spirit you will be able to overcome any temptation…