Dealing with people


How do I deal with people that have hurt me deeply?


One of the hardest things to do is forgive, but it still is the best way to live. The most amazing things are usually the toughest. Jesus’ followers asked Him how many times they should forgive, He said 70 times 7 times. Seems like a figure we can put on how many times we can cope with other people’s excesses but it is not. Because for evertime you forgive, you start counting all over. The past is gone, all things are new. Every hurt you forgive is in the past and is gone.

So how do you deal with them? Forgive, be open - let them know they hurt you. If they choose not to learn, that is their loss. Let go and move on.


Forgive them and don’t expect too much from people


I believe the best way to deal with someone who hurts u is to just pray to god for the person…
Nd I believe letting them know u’re hurt helps them understand u better…
But nevertheless forgiveness is key to all…
Forgetting is the work of the Holy Spirit
It takes your inner man to b able to forget about someones crime…


When someone hurts you, it’s painful. But if it happens to be a deep hurt, it means the person must have caused a wound and as humans the first thing that cones to our mind is REVENGE.

Revenge doesn’t help rather it digs deeper into the wound already caused by the hurt and worsens the matter.

When someone hurts you deeply, don’t react immediately You could do something you’ll forever regret.

As much as Forgive is a cliché that’s still the solution. Forgive because you want to be forgiven. Forgive because you want to be healed. Forgive not because they deserve it but because that’s whom you’re, the One with the good heart.

When next someone hurts you so badly for the sake of yourself, Forgive them.


Great replies so far. I’ll just say this quick one. It might seem tough, but its tried, tested and trusted.

You can’t hate someone you pray for.
If someone hurts you deeply, respond with prayers for the person, not prayers of death but that their hearts be worked on by God. There is a way your own heart gets worked on in the process.