Consistency in Christian living


Why does it seem so hard to be consistent in the Christian Life as a teenager?


I think we can mention quite a number of reasons for this but all of them would fit into one; The Environment. The Environment includes;

  1. Peer Influence
  2. Media (Traditional media and online media)
  3. Societal influence - the people we see from afar that somehow influence our actions unintentionally
  4. Parental influence. The actions or inactions of our parents affects our Christian living or how we live our lives generally.

I think there are more. So I will wait for others to add to the list.

One thing though, I do not believe Christian living is a type of living. I believe it is how we should naturally live our lives.


Well… Definitely what Tope said…
When you move with people of varied lifestyle,often times there’s the feeling of ‘i don’t belong’ and people try to bend just to,it comes down to your environment,create and live in an environment that allows you to grow.
Likewise if you interact with Christians,you tend to get this “natural spur” to do better.
Fot instance,a time in school I had this group of friends always praying for a particular period every day,before meeting them I was quite satisfied with my prayer life,but when i met them…I knew I had to do more,do better.
So,wether we like it or not, consciously or unconsciously our environment rubs off on us.Hence,the Bible says to “Guard our hearts with all diligence”.


I believe we are all growing up in one way or the other and there are lots of things happening in our world today ,that wouldn’t make us consistent as a teenager.
*Like Tope said, Peer pressure.
*Trying to meet up with trends in the world today
*Fashion as also taken a new turn. For example, I want to go to church on Sunday and I know the dress I want to wear to church I’ve worn it countless times and I’ll be like I’m not going 'cos I don’t know what to wear. One should be contented.


Well I think it all depends on the teenager. Now we all know that in this world now, lots of teenagers do what they do not because it is right or because it is what they want but because they want to feel among. A whole lot of teenagers hide their spirituality just so that they don’t get criticized by friends that they admire. They don’t want to be looked down on, don’t want to be disgraced so they hide it and little by little, they drop their Christianity.

When I first got into the University, it was so tough because I grew up in a Christian home, I barely had clothes and what I saw people wearing on campus was just amazing. I got so much temptations and yes I fell for some. At that time, my Mummy didn’t allow me to wear trousers and I remember my brother taking me out to KFC to be precise to tell me that I shouldn’t do what I won’t do what my parents are there. I agreed, I tried so hard to follow instructions. I was the only one in that room that did devotion, went to church and was not the party type. To cut the story short, one day I noticed my habits began to change, I was forgetting to study the word and I found it embarrassing going out to preach, I started to hide my bible. Infact, there was a day that I agreed and I wore trousers and I must confess that I lost my touch with God that period. I really did but there is something about me, no matter what I want to do, I always call on the name of Jesus first and that stopped working for me too. My life wasn’t as bright as it was again, only then did I now retrace my steps and I came to the reality that I AM NOT ASHAMED OF THE GOSPEL OF CHRIST Romans 1:16
I believe to achieve consistency, we have to come to the reality of Christ himself


First of all, I believe our consistency is depending on the reason why we became born again at first, what keeps us doing a particular thing is because of the reason in which we started it, so if our reason is shallow, our consistency would waiver, and if it’s deep, consistency would be strong, such is the example of the house built on sand and rock in the Bible. For instance, many in this part of the world became born again becasue they are expecting one or two things from God… so when these things don’t come at our expected timing, our faith starts to shake…
Another thing is when we see Christian living as a set of rules in which we are bound to follow, there is this thirst of freedom out of it…


I think this about sums it up, there is also the issue of self, teenage years are when we think we should start having fun, be able to make some decisions ourselves, letting go of that maybe hard.


I believe consistency can only be by the Holy spirit. If you can just obey you’ll stay.
When He tells you to pray movies are so sweet at that point, when he tells you study your bible sleep is always so enticing, and so on, most especially fasting. He can’t force you. He now has a gentle voice.