About Unseen Scars


Unseen scars are esteem~damaging… what can I do about it?


First of all, you do not pretend like those scars are not there. Denial is pretty dangerous though it seems to work at first. How you interpret those scars will help self esteem.

For some, when they look at their scars, they see their failings, their mistakes, what they failed to do well, their falls. All the scars remind them of is negativity and that will lead to depression.

Instead, we should see our scars as lessons, reminders of how worse it could have been. Our scars should tell us that if we were able to come this far still breathing, nothing can stop us from living fulfilled lives. They should remind us of things we cannot afford to do anymore, mistakes and all.

Sometimes, when you are at a juncture, about to make a decision, your scars will tell you to make a better decision this time. Every time we get injured, we should learn to see how to avoid those things that got us injured in the first place and not avoid that path totally.

I do hope this helps.


I’d also say accept them. Accept them as a part of you rather than mourn over them and wishing it’s nonexistent. Scars can be a reminder of how strong you are to still be standing after the incidents, they can also be motivations to keep going too