About the Spirituality category


There is a spirit in man, and as every other part grows, the spirit requires growth.
As complete as you seem or feel, you are never really complete until you are complete.
Now you wonder about the emptiness you feel on the inside and your desperate search to finding and connecting with something to occupy the void.
Up until now, we have not been able to leave out the god-factor from our lives. Howbeit, it all differs.
In the plainest words, we all need a connection to life, might as well be a divine connection to the giver of life, God.
Why do you need God? You’ve been fine without Him? You feel the need to Know Him but you don’t know how to? You know about God and you could share a thing or two? Might as well be why my Him while referring to God starts with a capital H, lol… Whatever questions…
Welcome to the Place where you can ask, share and learn.